A Guide to the Different Types of Wine

A Guide to the Different Types of Wine

Wine, one of the oldest alcoholic beverages, has been made in different styles and grown in different regions for thousands of years. But when you’re looking to purchase wine, how do you know which kind is right for you? You can find quality wines from wine merchants all over the UK, and there is great wine merchants in Betws-Y-Coed. This guide to the different types of wine offers a brief overview of each type of wine and some suggestions on how to use them best.

A quick guide to help you choose wine

Wine isn’t just wine, there are many different types that wine merchants offer, and when you’re buying it can be difficult to know which one is best for you. Here are some tips for choosing wine. Know your supplier: This sounds obvious but when visiting a wine shop or restaurant make sure you know who provides their wine. They might only have 1 or 2 options in a certain style and if you don’t like them it could end up being an expensive dinner!

How do wines differ?

All wines come from red or white grapes, right? While it’s true that most (though not all) wines are made with either red or white grapes, they’re not all alike. In fact, there are different types of wine: White Wines: White wines are typically made from white grapes. Red Wines: Red wines are typically made from red grapes. Rosé Wines: A rose wine is a pink-coloured wine that blends both red and white grape juice.

White Wines

For most people, white wine is their go-to drink. From Sauvignon Blancs to Chardonnays, these wines are enjoyed chilled and on their own. White wines can be a little more difficult to pair with food, but they’re ideal for summer picnics or relaxing at home with family and friends. Here are some common types of white wine you might want to try

Rose Wines

For those looking for a sweet red wine, rose wines are a great option. The most important thing to note is that they do not taste like rose petals—they tend more towards cherry, strawberry, and raspberry flavours than anything else. It’s worth noting that rosé wines can be either white or red, depending on whether it was produced from white grapes (blended with a little bit of red) or red grapes.

Red Wines

The darkest and deepest wines. Usually aged in oak barrels, they can be full-bodied with high tannin content, or light and fruity. With a wide variety from around the world, there are always new wines and flavours to try. You can find vintage red wines and more expensive bottles at a local wine merchant. As red wines age in oak barrels they also develop a chocolatey flavour called vanillin; not all red wines develop it, but it is present in certain types such as Pinot Noir and St Emilion.

Champagne & Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wine is simply a traditional sparkling wine from a specific region or made in a certain way, so it’s not a broad category like red or white. Champagne, for example, is a type of sparkling wine from France, made with grapes that are grown in specific regions and produced using traditional methods. Other types of sparkling wines include Asti Spumante (Italy), Cava (Spain), Prosecco (Italy), Crémant (France) and Sekt (Germany).

Fortified Wines (Dessert)

Port, sherry, Madeira and Malaga come in a variety of styles and are often served with desserts or at festive occasions. Some fortified wines are created by adding brandy during fermentation or aging. These wines have higher sugar content, high alcohol, and stronger flavour than other wines. You can find fortified wine on either shelves in a wine shop or from a local wine supplier.

The most important thing is to enjoy it!

There are many different kinds of wine, and while they all technically start out as grapes, there’s a huge variation in flavour. If you’re an occasional wine drinker who just wants something light and sweet, an off-license will have you covered. Local wines can also be found at liquor stores or specialty shops. The most important thing is to enjoy it!