Guidelines for Naming Your Very Own Star

Guidelines for Naming Your Very Own Star

As a child, you must have looked up at the canvas of stars and wondered what it would be like to hold a star in your hands. While that thought is a little too far-fetched, you can still have a star named after a loved one or yourself. The concept of naming a star is a unique and beautiful gesture. It allows you to make a special connection with something that’s not only out of reach, but also impossible to comprehend completely. In this article, we will explore how to buy a star name a star and everything you need to know about it.

Before we dive into the technicality of naming a star, it’s essential to understand the process of star registration. Fortunately, there are online services that make this process simple, and it’s a great way to give someone a gift that is truly out of this world. Among the companies that provide the service are International Star Registry and StarNamer. These services offer you different packages that come with certificates, star charts, and even stargazing books.

Once you decide which service to go with, the next step is to choose the constellation and the star you would like to name. Keep in mind that multiple stars can exist within the same constellation. So, consider your options carefully before making a decision. Some people love to choose the date of birth of their loved ones to mark the occasion. Others choose to name a star after someone who has passed away to honor their memory.

After choosing the star and making the payment, you’ll receive a certificate of registration, which confirms your star’s name and the date of registration. It’s essential to keep this certificate safe as it is a proof of authenticity. Some registration services may also provide you with a star chart, which will show you the location of your star in the night sky. You can use this chart to locate your star or gift it to someone else who enjoys stargazing.

It’s crucial to note that naming a star is not recognized by any scientific body. The International Astronomical Union (IAU) is the only organization that names celestial bodies regarding scientific classification. However, registering a star for yourself or a loved one is still a beautiful gesture that helps make a connection with something beyond our reach.

Naming a star is a fantastic way of immortalizing someone or something. It’s a long-lasting and thoughtful gift that is beyond the ordinary. Not only does it make for a great conversation starter, but it also adds a little sparkle to our mundane lives. Moreover, it’s a perfect gift for someone who has everything or someone who is passionate about astronomy.


In conclusion, naming a star is a simple process that can bring immense joy and happiness to oneself or a loved one. These online registration services offer a great variety of packages that are suitable for different occasions and budgets. Although the scientific community does not recognize this gesture, it’s still a beautiful way to connect with the galaxy and the stars beyond. So, go ahead and name a star for yourself or someone you love, and let the galaxy shine upon you.