Perfect Pairings: Side Dishes that Complement Pâté

Perfect Pairings: Side Dishes that Complement Pâté

We all know that perfectly balanced side dishes can elevate food to its highest glory. This is especially true when it comes to pâté. The smooth, rich texture of pâté pairs well with the right sides. Serve up this classic French dish with the wrong sides, and you can kill the vibe. But, with the right combination of pate sides dishes, you can take a simple pâté recipe to new heights. In this blog post, we will explore some of the best side dishes that complement pâté and make your meal unforgettable.


The baguette is a classic no-brainer that pairs perfectly with pâté. A baguette’s crusty exterior and soft interior provide the perfect textural contrast, while its mild flavor easily takes a back seat to the flavors of the pâté. Cut the bread into thin slices, toasted or not, and enjoy with the pâté spread over each slice.

Grapes with Cheese and Pâté

The combination of grapes, cheese, and pâté is an elegant and classic trio popular in France as an hors d’oeuvre. Serve the pâté, a soft and creamy cheese like Camembert or Brie, and green or purple grapes on a plate. The sweetness of the grapes and the creaminess of the cheese will help cut through the richness of the pâté and complement its flavor.


Pâté requires a little something tangy to cut through its richness, and pickles are the best choice you can make in this regard. You can choose any kind of pickled vegetables, including tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots or sauerkraut, according to your taste preference. Pickled items can add flavor, texture, and acidity to the dish, adding a perfect zing to the pâté.

Apple Slices

Apples bring a natural sweetness to the table, and their texture and crunch complement the smoothness of pâté. For a fantastic pairing, slice an apple thinly, and serve on the side of the pâté. You can also smear cream cheese on top of the apple slices and serve pâté on top of the cream cheese.

Onion Marmalade

Onion marmalade is another great condiment that can balance the richness of the pâté. You can make it at home by caramelizing onions and adding sugar, vinegar, and other condiments to taste. The tangy sweetness of the onion marmalade complements the earthy and savoryflavors of the pâté.


Pâté is a classic French dish that can be made even more special with the right pairings. With our list of five perfect side dishes, you can take this already fantastic dish to the next level. Whether you prefer bread, fruits, vegetables, cheese, or a tangy condiment, there is a pairing on this list that will take your pâté from good to greatly memorable. The beauty of pâté is that it’s versatile enough to be served on any occasion. Try some of these sides to see how they elevate the dish, add a few more if you dare, or simply discover new combinations to suit your personal taste. Enjoy!