Goan Spices and Masala: All You Need to Know

Goan Spices and Masala: All You Need to Know

Indian cuisine is loaded with aroma and flavor. This is the result of the amalgamation of fresh magical spices grown in various parts of the country. Most Indian states have experimented with these spices to make something authentic and unique of their own- giving rise to a powerful family of local pastes and masalas. 

Most travelers and explorers of Goa have fallen in love with Goan dishes, so much so that they have begun craving for curry pastes and masalas so they can taste a piece of Goa in the comfort of their homes.

Traditional favorites like Lamb Xacuti, Cafreal, Vindaloo, Fish Recheado, and Balchao involve the use of pastes and masalas, which can be prepared well before time and refrigerated. Here is a list of masalas for your identification before browsing for Goan spices and masala in Dubai.

Different Goan Masalas:


A fresh green masala contains coriander with mint leaves, turmeric, capsicum, garlic, ginger, sugar, green chilies, and onion. Most Goan masalas love to have a bit of sugar to balance the salty-spicy taste scale. However, Goan masalas have a hidden ingredient called coconut vinegar, which provides them a unique taste.

Goan curry: 

The smell of freshly grated coconut combined with coriander seeds, turmeric, a ball of deseeded tamarind, red chilies, ginger, garlic paste, sugar, and cumin seeds- yes, all this goes into preparing the famous Goan curry masala. Most Goan masalas tend to be color-coded and vary from yellow to orange. 


Small Portuguese chilies blended with cumin, peppercorn, turmeric, ginger, onion, sugar, cinnamon, and Goan vinegar together, it looks like a bright red paste that smells heavenly and is the ideal ingredient to get that Vindaloo and Goan sausage on point!

Xacuti Masala: 

The most complicated of them all, this masala contains roasted spices like green cardamom, cloves, cumin, star anise, black pepper, rice powder, fennel, and Kashmiri chilies. It is added to heated coconut oil and onions, fresh coconut, ginger, and garlic to create the perfect masala for beef and pork dishes.


Goan masalas are the key elements for infusing an authentic flavor in Goan dishes. You can also make authentic Goan dishes at home in Dubai with the best Goan spices and Masala.