Understand What Mentoplasty Is And If You Need It?

Understand What Mentoplasty Is And If You Need It?

Mentoplasty is chin surgery that aims to reshape the region with the patient’s bone or, more commonly, place a chin prosthesis. This procedure aims to reduce or increase the region affected by prognathism or mandibular retrognathism, with augmentation surgery being more common and simpler.

Chin Augmentation Surgery!

 It can make your chin bigger, and consequently, your entire face is aesthetically more beautiful. So, if your face seems to have a double chin from a young age because of your small chin, know that a mentoplasty can solve this problem. For example, with a chin implant, the features of your face are more balanced, and that “double chin” appearance disappears since the chin influences the general appearance of the face and neck.

Have you ever imagined being able to take pictures from any angle and look beautiful in every way? YES, this dream is possible, and we will tell you the details!

Can I Have A Mentoplasty?

 To know whether or not a person can undergo a mentoplasty, it is necessary to evaluate other factors and aesthetics and determine if there is a change in the mandibular bones of the face or if it is a matter that comes down only to the patient’s chin and know where is the best for chin surgery for men (ทํา คาง ผู้ชาย ที่ไหน ดี which is the term in Thai).

Can You Do A Mentoplasty?

 This surgery is usually indicated in circumstances where it is not a case of skull structure. In this scenario, it is impossible to do just the implant; a so-called orthognathic surgery needs to be performed, not plastic surgery. A mentoplasty can be performed if the patient is in good health and is not suffering from orthognathic surgery.

How To Do A Safe Mentoplasty?

 The safety of mentoplasty depends primarily on a good diagnosis and the investigation of the patient’s health status. However, other issues are essential to ensure the safety of the entire process. The decision to operate in a hospital or a clinic is one of them.

Safety And Outcome Factors Are Essential

 Here is the list of factors that you should be aware of, which are extremely necessary for your safety and the result of your chin surgery. Are they:

  • Carrying out the pre-anesthetic assessment (APA)
  • The vast history of surgeries performed by the clinic and surgeon in charge.
  • Postoperative infrastructure is available 24 hours a day
  • Surgery is performed in a specialized hospital